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Behind the Music


From a young age, Danny has had a passion for music with a mission. Growing up, his father was in the clergy and his mother was a talented singer.  Both at church and at home, Danny was surrounded by a rich musical tradition and a love for speaking the truth and living the life of the Gospel. 


Teaching himself to play the piano, Danny released his debut album at the age of 21 and, since then, has dedicated his life’s work to singing the good news of Jesus around the globe. Danny’s solo albums have sold tens of thousands of copies, with many of his songs being sung in churches around the world.  Danny established himself when he lived in Europe and ministered to the German-speaking world through life-giving music, worship workshops, and his mentoring of young worship artists. 


Now, back in his home country of Canada, Danny’s mission is to serve the global church through sharing Christ’s love, light, and life through compelling and truth-filled worship music.

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